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as it happens sometimes in life, I feel suddenly embraced by a point of view, better saying a concept, to which everything I go by seems to converge forming a big picture. I suppose that is actually we who see the things we want to see, and from there connect the dots as we find suitable, and it seems the world is just trying to send us messages, but it is actually a point of view being built. Well, this or whatever, the last days brought me a few conclusions and thoughts and perceptions.

Karen Templer is hosting Slotober again this year, and all the material coming from her is substantial food for thought. It's just marvelous when we find someone saying things we believe on a much clearer and more elaborated speech than any we could have put ourselves, ain't it?
Beyond that, I find she can verse beautifully about living more consciously and sustainably (for it is way more than talking fashion alone), bringing to light feelings we crafters mindind this subject all go through but we don't always acknowledge or deal with practicing self generosity. Her interview is worth reading and rereading.

As this blog is coming to life, I keep asking myself many questions. If there's room and any type of need for this, if I have the time to dedicate myself to this AND the sewing-knitting things too (which are priorities for me, because making is what I am trying to accomplish actually), how can I use this space to give something back to the sewing community. There are questions about my wardrobe building plans too. What is more important for me to make now, and do I have the skills for it? Should I have a clear plan of everything or can I cope wih doing things slowly? How can I manage to create time with my baby being yet so dependent of me? How can I make the best use out of my time and resources to achieve my goals? What are my goals?
Ok... many unanswered questions.
I feel really overwhelmed many times as I read fabulous blogs of people with beautiful handmade wardrobes, people who can sew 5 garments a week with confidence and success, people who have 8k followers and make use of every digital platform available. Also there's the fact that it is hard to find great materials to work with here in Brazil, and there isn't a sewing community that is worth the title, and it feels really frustrating, of course I wanted sewing pals nearby, the good stuff to sew with, etc etc. I feel so frustrated and overwhelmed I lose my way, and forget what I want, forget the road I want to follow, and begin to doubt myself in every aspect.

So, I want to state a few things to get them doubts outta my way.
I am doing this blog thing for myself, for I feel it is a good way to keep myself motivated and it is a great way to keep track of any progress I might achieve.
This blog only came to be because I felt an urge to go back to somewhere in time and bring back my seamstress self from the dead, since I went through a great change recently (on my body and my life) and I need new clothes. And I want to make them with my own hands. I want to go back to recognizing myself as a maker, because that's a path of health and happiness.
Also, I have been thinking about the slow life (slow food, slow fashion, slow everything) for a long time, and I am embracing it little by little, and it just makes sense to me to take this step now. Even more because whenever I try to buy rtw clothes I really feel too bad, with all I know by now about their process of production and everything.

I've decided to go on taking inspiration from these fabulous bloggers out there and just breathe and believe and know everything will come as it should for me.
I've decided to be generous to myself and carry on as my life permits, and do things as I can, in the time I find, and just load every action with joy. And leave my own pressures and guilt feelings on the back of the closet.
Aaand forgive myself because sometimes having to write in English is much harder, and there's a loss with it (of what I want to say and how). But ok. That's what I have for now.

I noticed, as I was reading new bloggers around, a strong trace of my character which is I think a lot. Because of that I talk a lot (write a lot), and things don't come so fluid for me. Although this is a sewing blog, I spend a long time planning, elaborating, rummaging... talking about stuff. And that's just who I am, so I changed the name of this blog to something that makes much more sense. And well, I will just have to accept me as being that way too.

So, it seems this is a blog post about acceptance.

In other news, I have managed to prepare three patterns and who knows we might have a little sewing activity over the next few days.

I have also gone through a post from Marilla Walker that was lovely to read, and another from The Craft Sessions that is another boost of confidence and inspiration. One other recommendation I have is Sanae Ishida's monthly furoku. I can relate to a lot of what she writes about, and also it's helped me a lot to see the light, stop moaning and just BE and MAKE.

Thanks for reading! If you could spare a few seconds, leave a comment below, it is a real pleasure to hear other people's thoughts.

Até a próxima!


  1. I love your new blog name! It is very fitting. :) I like how this post is about acceptance. In my own experience, I have found that when I accept myself as I am, it gives me more patience with my circumstances, and more hope as I keep striving to meet my goals. Another great post!

  2. thank you for taking the time to comment, Bridget! that is some good advice you are giving... as I am noticing, motherhood is an important time for self growth and self knowledge. thanks so much!


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