here we go

Finally finally I begin this.
and you may ask: who the flowers needs one more sewing blog? Well, sorry not sorry, I do.
It's been years I keep reading a lot of sewing bloggers and wanting in on all this strong and cheerful community, and now, in times it seems many are moving on to other platforms, my life spinned in a way that made me assume I need to do this. So, I am.

And why do I need to?

Well you see, I just became a mother to the most beautifulest marvelious cutest baby there ever was :)
But even so, I feel the dangers of my self vanishing, going, just ... And well, I don't think that would be good either for me, or for the baby - he who needs a happy mother who accomplishes things, if nothing more at least as an example...
And of course, my body is completely changed, and I have practically no clothes.
It's been years since shopping from RTW became a struggle, for many reasons any home sewer can enumerate, ill fitting poor quality clothes being the most obvious one. But it bothers me a lot to think about how those clothes are being produced, how little recognition (and payment) people involved are getting for their labor, all that talk. Last but not least there's also that thing of putting my own creative hands to make something, strengthening my sense of style, self, and all that.

SO. here we go.

I am going through The curated closet, too, but the (uncurated) closet situation is kind of alarming, wich means I'll have to get sewing now and the thought process will have to come together on the go, everything at the same time. Of course that's not ideal, but nothing really is (ideal X real), and with our routine here at home I think that's the best way for me to be able to do it. To solve these things. To get going.
Also, I do have a good sense of my style and preferences,  these are thoughts that have been on my horizon for years... and as I won't sew 20 outfits in little time, I will go with the flow and keep bringing myself back on the route I want to follow, pacing the thinking with the doing, one improving the outcome of the other as I understand certain things and grow in my abilities. Minimalism is also something I think a lot about, so I can guarantee there won't be much purposeless sewing.
Let's get this clear, too: my sewing time is restricted to a half hour per day, if so much, and be warned I am rusted, so things will go slow... slow fashion, really. Ha!

This post might come out kind of superficial, but there's too much to say and I don't think it is time to go deep into things. I just want to get going.
(There's this impulse breaking through, can you tell?)

My plan is to put up a list of some things I want to sew, but these won't be my makes for the season or for the next trimester (pregnancy changes our ways to see things) or nothing like that.
This will be the list of things I want to make whenever possible, things I believe will be useful to compose my wardrobe and will make me happy. It could happen that unexpected items appear out of the blue, or that it takes me 3 years to go through it all, or I might even give up on some of those things, but this is my criteria for now: things I would like to sew for a number of reasons and see fit into my wardrobe needs.
- such list is yet being built, will be out by the end of the week -

I have also an idea for this blog that I don't know if I'll be able to put forward for the time being, but as I reaaally enjoy weekly roundups as Heather Lou used to do (and is doing again) or Helen does, I would be very proud if I could pull something similar. But I want to focus on techniques and tutorials available as well as reflections and motivational texts - not being so fundamental if these are recent. I thought of this mostly because I think it would serve (at least) me well to have a collection of the useful and inspiring writings I read around the interwebs.

So, pheeew, I tried my best to be concise and brief, but this is what you got.
The blog is still missing a few bits and pieces, but I will get there soon enough.
For now let's just tap myself on the shoulder and toast to my first blog post.

Thanks for reading ❣️ Sorry about the weird English

até jájá


  1. Nice start! I am glad your giving this platform a go!!!

  2. I've only read two of your posts but I'm enjoying 'meeting' you. All the best with your journey.

    1. Thanks for your kind words!! It's good to know I am not shouting at the walls ;)


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